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John Carter 1976 | Photo: Mark Weber

Download listen to ist free-jazz heilbar ? – is free-jazz curable ?

Personal and professional web pages

For music related pages we created free-jazz.net and for the poetry part the domain outlaw-poetry.com; even though both genres have a lot in common. If you want to have your own web presentation created by us, you can choose between:

Please keep in mind, we are not intending to create another copy of a copy of a copy of existing design and hosting platforms for John Doe’s, Monsieur Dupont’s, Hans Franz and Lieschen Meier. Please check out our existing pages and you will find out where we are coming from and where you will be heading with us.


We are using Wordpress for page installations and a Wordpress-based multi-installation software called WorpressMU. All what we offer is based on this open-source software and what the world-wide-wordpress community creates every day. You will always be having the latest technical features and updates on your page.

Our service

If you have a web project in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will come back to you to discuss your project with you in detail and the price we would have in mind for your wishes.

Yours truthfully,

Monsieur K and Ravan
– the Free Jazz and Outlaw Poetry Team

  1. zaj quartet 09.08.12 / 11am

    Zaj Quartet created by Dan Roth in 2010 in Marseille France, combines talents and originality of 4 musicians already having a long race in the universe of Jazz and improvization. The creations of Zaj Quartet results from a common approach for the place of improvization in jazz as live music. Improvizations by Zaj Quartet leads to a kind of spontaneous compositions, including in jazz music various references as : jazz, classic, traditional, contemporary musics, beyond the cleavages of style. But what really makes the musical vitality of Zaj Quartet is first of all how it keeps this first breath of all musics: improvization. What emanates from Zaj Quartet’s music is a kind of musical alchemy mixed with a sound creativity which also gives a good place to the harmony even to the melody.

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